Answering Services

Choosing an Answering Service

Choosing an Answering Service

Choosing an answering service for your business is a tremendous benefit to your business, it can boost your sales number, save you time and make your customers happy.  Hiring staff to manage your customers 24 hours a day can be costly so outsourcing to a live answering can help your bottom line.  Choosing the right answering service shouldn’t be done lightly, you don’t hire the first service you come across, live any other service you do some research first.  Here are some things you need to look for.

24/7 Access

You need an answering service that works around the clock.  Does your business offer emergency services, if so then you want a service that is around on holidays and after hours not just banker’s hours.  This ensure that you never miss a client from a client or patient and in the end they are happy with your services.


Like any other service that you contract you want a team that has some experience.  A team that has been around awhile already has quality controls in place and can handle special industries like medical fields.  Yes, new businesses need to start somewhere but when it comes to YOUR business and YOUR customers you want an answering service with some experience.  If you have colleagues you can ask as to who they use you can get a recommendation from someone that you trust.

Latest in Technology

Technology in call centers and for answering services has come a long way, does the company you plan on working with have up to date technology to serve your customers.  What do they do when there is downtime?  Do they have emergency backup systems in the event of an emergency?  Are your calls going unanswered because they are prioritizing other clients?  These are all things that you need to know before you contract anyone.

Fair Pricing

The best service isn’t necessarily the most expensive nor is the cheapest your best bet either.  Good services have fair pricing that works with your needs and budget.  Pricing can be based on a per call, per minute or some other pricing structure.  Pick a service that works with your business, that is cost effective but still serves your business.

Regardless of the size of your business you can always benefit from having a live person answering the phones for you.  Customer satisfaction can make a huge impact on your bottom line and future business growth.

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